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Experience the delicate flavor of Canada with our MINI Cocktail Sausages. These Canadian sausages are made right in Leduc, Alberta using small batch production, and seasoned with delicate spices. Made with real meat and 100% Canadian pork, these juicy and tender sausages offer the best of what the prairies have to offer. Just bite in to enjoy tender and juicy bites that will have you craving more!

Mini 70g original side.png
nft-original 70g.JPG
serving suggestion.JPG

Canadian Pork Cocktail Sausage
Original - 70 g

Mini 70g bulgogi side.png
nft-bulgogi 70g.JPG
serving suggestion.JPG

Korean style Pork Cocktail Sausage
Bulgogi - 70 g


The ultimate korean cocktail sausages crafted by a 28 medal award winning Canadian sausage maker. Succulent texture profile with juicy & tender texture that melts in your mouth, delicious Korean flavors of bulgogi and hints of garlic.  No condiments or dipping sauces are required for this one. It's low-calorie and mess-free.
MINI Bulgogi Cocktail sausages are made with Gluten free soy sauce and contain no gluten. No added MSG or flavour enhancers are necessary when they offer a taste of Korea in every bite!

Mini 70g paprika side.png
nft-paprika 70g.JPG
serving suggestion.JPG

European style Pork Cocktail Sausage
Paprika - 70 g


Made in the heart of European style cuisine, this Paprika Cocktail Sausage is made with local Canadian ingredients.  MINI Paprika is an irresistible sausages that is juicy and tender, has notes of Pizza! and melts in your mouth. It is versatile for any meal or occasion, especially when you are looking for one of the best snacks to serve at parties or family gatherings. MINI Paprika has that SNAP and pleasure in every bite!  Enjoy Mini Paprika Cocktail as is.

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