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Add MINI Soseji to your favorite Ramen, Hot Pot,  BBQ, Picnic or Lunchbox. MINI is fully cooked, but best enjoyed when it's warm. Check out our Recipes on ways how to warm up your MINI! 


Best Result:

Frying Pan: 5-10 min 


Microwave 30-45 secs

(depending on Microwave) 


Easiest for large quantities

Oven (375 C): 5-10min

Outdoor BBQ

BBQ: 5-10 min

(when the BBQ is ready, it won't take long)

Filipino Breakfast

Enjoy, MINI Tocino in a Tube!

All you have to do is heat MINI, add eggs and rice. 

Suggested Cooktime: 5-10 mins. 


Bulgogi Chicken Alfredo

Feel like Pasta tonight? Pair MINI BULGOGI CHICKEN with our creamy Alfredo Pasta recipe for a delicious Korean BBQ Bulgogi Chicken Pasta!

Suggested Cooktime: 25 mins. 


Curry Sausage & Mashed Potato

A comfort meal that will guaranteed hit the spot. .

Suggested Cooktime: 45 mins. 

Sausage Dish

MINI Cheese Gratin

Imagine the Potatoes and the Cheese baked with your favorite MINI!

Suggested Cooktime: 45 mins. 

Potato Casserole

MINI + Ramen  

Add your favorite MINI to your Instant Noodles.

Suggested Cooktime: 5-10 mins


MINI + Hot Pot (火鍋)      

If you haven't tried adding MINI to your Hot Pot,

you're missing out. 

Suggested Cooktime: 3-5 mins.


Yakitori (Japanese Style Skewer)

In the mood to try Japanese Yakitori?

All you have to do is add the veggies!

Suggested Cooktime: 5 -10 mins.


MINI Fries

In the mood to try Japanese Yakitori? All you have to do is add the veggies!

Suggested Cooktime: 5 -10 mins.

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